What is FRESH online?

FRESH online provides an easy way to receive and transfer FRESH coins. You can also send coins to people who don't own a FRESH wallet.

What are FRESH coins?

FRESH coin is a crypto currency like bitcoin, but with many improvements. Check out http://www.freshcoin.net for more details.

Why should I use it?

Using FRESH online is easy to use and there are no transaction fees!

How does it work?

When sending FRESH coins, the FRESH online system creates a secure and unique claim link, which you can share with people using every messaging app you prefer. For example Email / Sms / FB messenger / whatsapp / skype etc... When your friend opens the link it will claim the coins you just send to him/her.

Why there is a 1% transaction fee when sending to a wallet?

The 1% transaction fee is donated to the community that are mining the FRESH coins.

Is it secure?

FRESH onlne is still in alpha phase. Although we aim for a secure and stable system, it will contain bugs / security holes.